ABOUT (Re)defining equality

(RE)Defining Equality is a United World Colleges (UWC) and Erasmus+ Short Course hosting 40 international participants to spend two weeks in the Tyrolean town of Imst. Together they will redefine what equality means to them, their surroundings and around the world. Through a balance between workshops, self-initiated projects and community interactions, participants will get the chance to not only be a part of the short course, but to actively create and shape the programme while getting to know Austrian culture.

(RE)Defining Equality 2023

(RE)Defining Equality 2023 is the official Short Course organized by UWC Austria and supported by Erasmus+. This Short Course will use means of non-formal education, invite speakers and change-makers in their respective fields to discuss their daily work with the participants and encourage them to stand up for equality. The course will allow the participants to fully experience the “UWC Spirit” by living together and discussing important matters of equality to equip them with the necessary abilities and tools to make change happen for a brighter future.

The course will discover different aspects of equality by looking at:


Despite numerous movements and efforts to combat this, members of the BIPOC community are still experiencing structural discrimination and inequality. Participants will be able to learn about the history as well as share the current status of racism and anti-racist movements in their home communities. By means of various different workshops, discussions and talks participants will learn about their own connection to racism and anti-racism and how to best become agents for change - especially in the form of allies in case of people not belonging to the BIPOC community.

Environmental Justice

Participants will reconnect with nature during a two-night camping trip in the middle of the Austrian alps were they will experience swimming in a wild river, cooking food on fire and sleeping in a tipi. After arriving back to the course location, the group will explore how environmental justice links to social inequality through a hands on simulation and movie discussion.

Gender & Sexuality

The status of women and acceptance of different sexualities varies widely across history and cultures. Through independent research, discussion and sharing of experiences in their home communities, participants will compare the ways gender & sexual identity are treated differently. Incorporating a theatrical approach, students will create their own responses to the discussion.

Economic & Social Equality

Economic and political ideologies vary widely when going from country to country. Participants will share their personal experience of different economic and social systems and reflect on their advantages and disadvantages. Workshops will take place to see how different approaches affect both the individual and the society.


Given the increasing far-right tendencies of European governments and ongoing conflict in the Middle East, this aspect of the program encourages the participants to explore inequalities across borders. This aspect of the course will encourage reflection on the variety within the participant group and find similarities despite different backgrounds and experiences.

Global thinking, local action

Lastly, the project aims to bring together young enthusiastic students and empower them to be globally thinking changemakers in their home countries. Participants will engage with the local community of the course location through an open day and learning about the region by visiting local organisations. The short course is further supported by the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme, bringing youths together for an exchange about the future of Europe and beyond.

Participants of (RE)Defining Equality 2022

  • Are between 15 and 17 years old or in their last two years of high school education

  • Reside in countries in Europe, Middle East, South America or Oceania

  • Have not attended a UWC Short Course before or been accepted to one of the UWC schools/colleges