How does it feel to be a UWC Short Course participant? What does a day look like? There can not be one answer to such questions. So, we are happy to have many blog posts for you to explore what two weeks in Imst can look like. Here you can read through the impressions of REDEQ Alumnx and find out what their UWC experience was like.


12th July 2022 | by Lucía Sobrado Louzao from Spain

How would you describe with words how it feels to be accepted by everyone? How would you describe the feeling of being truly yourself without feeling judged? That is UWC. A community of people who respect each other, no matter who you are. In the Short Course, I felt that I belonged somewhere, in a community of people who supported me and cared for me.

12th July 2022 | by Lemi from Germany

It is the 5th of September, which means that six weeks have passed since we left the short course. Since then we have been texting, calling, and even visiting each other! We are even planning reunions and reapplying together to the UWC colleges so we can meet there. Do you want to know how such deep connections formed in just two weeks? Well… For me, REDEQ22 started when...

29 July 2019 | by Leonardo Andreoli

Today was the so called Imstland 101 day: we had the chance to meet the representatives of some local NGOs, to better understand what they do and with what ethical rules they operate.

28 July 2019 | by Elena Casolaro

Today in Imst was a triumph of colours, cultures, traditional costumes, dances and smiles. This was the top point of the group that has been created in this 2 weeks lived together. We come from 19 different countries, from different backgrounds and lifestyles, but here we created a dynamic in which everyone had his place, everyone was considered as active part of this Short Course.

27 July 2019 |

Imagine living in the XXIst century in one of the most developed countries of the first world. You feel safe, freely express your religion and wear clothes that are part of your culture, but at the same time, you don’t harm anyone and expect the same respect. You have a right to that, unfortunately, it is broken way too often.

26 July 2019 | by Nathalee do Valle

Privilege is a variable concept, which can change from country to country and also from continent to continent. Brazil's reality is different of everything possible to imagine or think when you are in Europe.

25 July 2019 | by Małgorzata Kuśmierczyk

It is a fact that in the XXI century we face many challenges. As well as migration, economic, and social problems, we should also take more care of our planet.

22 July 2019 | by Ana Garrido Píriz

Yesterday, I got the first taste of what this experience has to offer, and (Re) defining Equality did not disappoint.

27 July 2018 | by Matilda Onnebrink and Lena Starkmann

This morning we all finished our group projects. Some had more fun than others but in the end, everybody was proud of their results. We were rewarded...

26 July 2018 | by Luca Gyimes and Lena Starkmann

Before we got to know our guest speaker Christian from the SOS – Kinderdorf Imst, we did some energizers to start the day off. One of these was the Worm Game...

24 July 2018 | by Ágnes Ferenczi and Ádám Nagy

After several days of mental challenges - we had quite a different experience today. We started off the day by signing up for different options for the morning...

23 July 2018 | by Patryk Cialon

Being aware of privileges we have in our life requires a lot of reflectiveness. However, sometimes things tend to seem so obvious that we ultimately forget how lucky...

22 July 2018 | by Júlia Muñoz Haro

Monguel. In the region where I was born, I already know how to write. Salka showed it to me. I know techniques to improve food production. Salka showed it to me. We...

22 July 2018 | by Ieva Lukauskaite

Since the dawn of humanity migration was a commonplace in society. The right to lead a safe life is officially declared as a human right, unfortunately...

22 July 2018 | by Tonya Frankenberger and Charbel Abdallah

Gender was not even a topic to discuss a few days before the Short Course started, but after living through this whole day themed about Sexuality...

20 July 2018 | by Marija Nikola Jansone and Katarina Keerd

We took a bus from Imst to Native Spirit. After arrival we went swimming in the river that was around 8°C, some did it twice. In the evening we had a campfire and...

16 July 2018 | by Hannah Schröder, Helena Howen and Stina Fejzullahu

On Friday, 13 facilitators arrived from across Europe in the picturesque mountain town of Imst, excited to prepare for the arrival of 46 participants. Over the...