BRazil's Reality

26 July 2019 | by Nathalee Do Valle

Today was the most touching and intense day: today we talked about privileges. Privilege is a variable concept, which can change from country to country and also from continent to continent. Brazil's reality is different of everything possible to imagine or think when you are in Europe. The short course takes place in the east of Europe and I decided to open my eyes to another reality and another's perspective of the world, equality and everything and fortunately, they decided to open their eyes too.

With the activities about privileges, I could see more clearly how the world is unequal and how a lot of things have to change. Everybody was so open and empathic to others, and it was so good to talk and be listened, to open my heart and show everything which is behind the way that I look. It was a moment of vulnerability, in a good way. We could get to know more intimately each other and realize a lot of things that we didn't realized before through activities that made more simple to learn about how privileges are applied in the society. In one of the activities we are divided in groups and each group received some materials to make shapes out of paper and sell the shapes to the bank to get money. Some groups had just paper, some groups had paper, scissors, rulers, everything, demonstrating their privileges.

Around the afternoon we had the most shocking activity: the privilege walk. In the privilege walk we all are in the line holding hands with the eyes closed, then a facilitator said out loud statements, and if it applied to us: one step forward. And if don't: one step back or any step at all. In the begging I was already crying, because in the second statement I was feeling completely alone. Nobody holding my hand. It was something that I was expecting, but still I was shocked. Then I, still in the back, the facilitator told us to open our eyes and I was so surprised with people I didn't even imagined by my side, in the same line as me. So I was ashamed of myself for thinking that I was the only one, that I have an unique reality and Europe cannot have fails or poorness or inequality.

" Brazil's reality is different of everything possible to imagine or think when you are in Europe. "

Nathalee Do Valle, Participant from Brazil

Now, after the privilege day, I can say that I am a new person because now I have a more clear idea about privilege, and now I know that it exists another realities who have to be considered. The entire short course is very special as well as the things we are learning TOGETHER, the friendship we are developing TOGETHER.


25 July 2019 | by Małgorzata Kuśmierczyk

It is a fact that in the XXI century we face many challenges. As well as migration, economic, and social problems, we should also take more care of our planet.