(RE)Defining Equality will not take place in 2024. Other UWC Short Courses can be discovered here. On our website, blog posts can be found to find out more about the Short Course experience. 


Check out the experience of our 2022 participant Eva! 

12th July 2022   |   by Lucía Sobrado Louzao from Spain

How would you describe with words how it feels to be accepted by everyone? How would you describe the feeling of being truly yourself without feeling judged? That is UWC. A community of people who respect each other, no matter who you are. In the Short Course, I felt that I belonged somewhere, in a community of people who supported me and cared for me. 

12th July 2022   |   by Lemi from Germany

It is the 5th of September, which means that six weeks have passed since we left the short course. Since then we have been texting, calling, and even visiting each other! We are even planning reunions and reapplying together to the UWC colleges so we can meet there. Do you want to know how such deep connections formed in just two weeks? Well… For me, REDEQ22 started when...


28 July 2019   |   by  Elena Casolaro

Today in Imst was a triumph of colours, cultures, traditional costumes, dances and smiles. This was the top point of the group that has been created in this 2 weeks lived together. We come from 19 different countries, from different backgrounds and lifestyles, but here we created a dynamic in which everyone had his place, everyone was considered as active part of this Short Course.

27 July 2019  |  by Marysia Szuster   

Imagine living in the XXIst century in one of the most developed countries of the first world. You feel safe, freely express your religion and wear clothes that are part of your culture, but at the same time, you don’t harm anyone and expect the same respect. You have a right to that, unfortunately, it is broken way too often.


27 July 2018   |   by Matilda Onnebrink and Lena Starkmann

This morning we all finished our group projects. Some had more fun than others but in the end, everybody was proud of their results. We were rewarded...

26 July 2018   |   by Luca Gyimes and Lena Starkmann

Before we got to know our guest speaker Christian from the SOS – Kinderdorf Imst, we did some energizers to start the day off. One of these was the Worm Game...